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marli-new york

For Marli New York, our agency crafted designer water bottles featuring their signature pattern, merging utility with elegance. This swift and stylish gifting campaign set a new benchmark in corporate branding.

Client : Marli New York 

Project : Design Bottles Strategic Gifting Campaign


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Embarking on a distinctive gifting campaign for Marli New York, our agency combined functionality with fashion by designing custom water bottles adorned with the client's signature pattern. This initiative not only highlighted Marli New York's commitment to sophistication and style but also demonstrated our capability to deliver high-quality, bespoke products within an impressive timeline. The meticulous attention to detail in each bottle's design reinforced the brand's aesthetic, making each piece a memorable gift that recipients would value and use daily. This project showcased our ability to understand and execute client visions effectively, ensuring that the essence of Marli New York was communicated through these elegant and practical corporate gifts.

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