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For Hypermedia, we crafted detailed miniature 3D models of RTA Metro stations, enhancing their Dubai metro station naming rights campaign. These precise replicas served as strategic gifts, embodying innovation and attention to detail.

Client : Hypermedia

Project : RTA Mtro Station Strategic Gifting Campaign

Agency Concepts metro gifting campaign
Agency Concepts (3)_edited.jpg

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In a strategic partnership with Hypermedia, our agency embarked on a unique gifting campaign aimed at accentuating their role in selling the naming rights of Dubai metro stations. We meticulously designed and produced miniature 3D models of various RTA Metro stations across Dubai, capturing the essence and architectural integrity of each location with unparalleled precision. These models were not only a testament to our commitment to quality and detail but also served as a sophisticated tool in Hypermedia's strategic efforts. The high level of detail in each replica ensured that recipients recognized the value and thoughtfulness behind each gift, further strengthening Hypermedia's relationships with their partners. This project highlighted our expertise in creating meaningful and impactful corporate gifts, setting a new standard in promotional strategy and execution.

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